AI Integration Into HealthCare Backed By WHO & UN: What Can We Expect


AI Integration Into HealthCare Backed By WHO & UN: What Can We Expect

The World Health Organization in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Union is working towards strengthing health service systems with AI. Artificial Intelligence is creating frequent strides in order to integrate into society to increase productivity. With healthcare cost on the rise, Artifical intelligence might be the future of not only lowering health cost, but also increasing the productivity of our healthcare systems. Today we will look into the collaboration of WHO and ITU and see how these AI advancements can change healthcare.

The Problem With Healthcare

Due to multiple reasons such as administrative cost, drugs cost, treatment, and more healthcare cost continue to rise. Healthcare has a shortage of workers estimated around 20 million people worldwide. Healthcare systems have struggles organizing data and patient information which can be time-consuming and frustrating. With the integration of AI system, we will be able to move forward with improving the healthcare system.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Healthcare

AI in recent years has already begun to affect our healthcare system. One method has been the adoption of digitalizing medical data. Artificial Intelligence is used to cipher a lot of the health data that doctors have entered. AI has even gone as far as uploading different traits, pictures, and high-risk causes in order to preemptively predict possible diseases. AI has also been introduced in predicting additional support for patients and pinpoint what would be most effective for those with more severe cases and who need more attention. Artificial Intelligence will also become more effective and genuine with results as it evolves. With the combination of skilled professionals and Artificial Intelligence, we can expect the results of service to increase tremendously. Finally, the integration of AI not only decreases the cost of health care due to its ability to eliminate the cost of hiring employees to help demand upkeep.

Artificial Intelligence for Good Global Summit

In conclusion, the backing of WHO allows Artifical Intelligence the ability to fully step into the doorway of healthcare. This platform has presented at the “AI for Good Global Summit”. The summit has become the leading United Nations platform for dialogue on AI and has gained support to improve quality and sustainability of the world. With ensuring healthy lives and well being for all being one of the top three goals of the United Nations we can expect to see the integration of AI to make these goals possible.

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