Finding Effective Rehab

We all know the internet is a dangerous place, but finding effective rehab on the internet is perhaps the worst. The death rate in the U.S. is more than triple what it was almost 20 years ago. This has greatly increased the need for quality addiction treatment. Although new treatment centers are popping up regularly, one still needs to be mindful of the kind of establishment they’re choosing. Fraudulent people make the process of choosing an effective facility very difficult. For a list of county programs offered near you, click here. For board-certified addiction-medicine doctors, click here.

What to Watch Out For

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) helped the rehab business increase by including some addiction treatment programs in insurance policies. However, as treatment centers are on the rise, so generic drugsare schemers looking to make money off insurance companies. For example, the unfavorable centers prey on vulnerable addicts at their meetings and over the internet. They appeal to them by offering a program “that works,” charging loads of money. Unfortunately, places like this are notorious for providing their patients with drugs after completing their program. This ensures they will have to return to the program and pay even more money. Perhaps not as risky, some treatment places will invest in strategies to get themselves to the top of search engines, such as Google. In this instance, patients aren’t getting the best guidance, they’re getting the ones who paid the most for exposure.

How to Find Quality Treatment

Attending recovery programs can help addicts find beneficial treatment centers. There are likely people in these programs who have found quality centers or who have experienced bad ones. Beware of patients who are adamant about their program, they could be receiving benefits. However, people who simply share their own experiences may be the ones to listen to. The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a 24-hour hotline for anyone needing help. Also, there is a trustworthy federal web source that can also provide contact information for reliable treatment centers. To ensure the programs you have found are reliable, search for any complaints against them. You will also be able to find out if they’ve ever had suspended or even revoked licenses. Further, if the program asks for insurance or finance information upfront, that should raise a red flag. Places that cost a lot of money are not necessarily the best, some places provide help at no cost at all, it’s all about their credentials and how they care for their patients.

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