How to Choose Healthier Options When Eating Out

eating outHow to Choose Healthier Options When Eating Out

Let’s face it, we love going out to eat. There are multiple restaurants we probably wouldn’t mind eating every day for the rest of our lives. But the fact is eating out all the time can impact our health – oftentimes in a negative way. Surveys show that the food you eat when you go out is worse for you than a home cooked meal. Today, we will go over several tips you can use when eating out to avoid the meals that your body doesn’t approve of. With so many food chains adding healthy options, you should be able to use this guide anywhere!

Customize Your Order

This is probably the easiest tip to give someone when they are eating out. Ask for it your way. Chefs are on a time clock and try to push food out as quick as they can. If you don’t specify how you will like your meal, 9/10 he will serve it his way. By specifying how you want your food, you can avoid any mishaps in the order and make it healthier. Change those fries into veggies, and instead of a large portion of meat, try to order a smaller one with salad. You should always ask the waiter for extra veggies to go with your meal, they fill you up and don’t make you bloated.

Can You Read the Menu?

It’s important to recognize how to read a menu to avoid any unexpected calories or carbs that might be hidden in the menu. Being able to point out the light or low-fat entrees on a menu helps make sure that the food you’re eating is nutritional. Most menus also list the calories and fat content so its always a good idea to scan through the different options available. Do you like ordering entrees? If so, you should consider taking half of the entree and box it for later because restaurants tend to serve two to three times more than what an average person should eat. Instead of the entree, why not get two appetizers which will fill you up the same, cost less, and probably have fewer calories.

Skip the Bread and the Sugary Drinks

Skip the bread basket; it might be hard, but cutting it out your diet will help. You don’t need soda, nor an alcoholic drink, but water with a pinch of lemon is a great substitute. If there is fish on the menu, it might be a good idea to order it. Researchers found low-fat and low-sodium options are common among most quality food chains and you can have it in many ways! The last tip, stay away from the dessert menu.

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