Mindfulness Tips for the Day

Mindfulness Tips for the Day

“A chaotic mind is a house for an evil mind.” Don’t you think that is true? I think a lot, I overthink, and then I think again way too much when I don’t have anything productive to do. When I am busy, I keep myself distracted from overthinking. I can focus on things that really matter. Rather than on some emotionally distressing mood swings which I get occasionally over me not having my life together and everything falling apart.

I am at work trying to write this blog with some silent music in the background. I feel very motivated as compared to when I am sitting on my couch over the weekend trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix. When you are doing something productive, be it cooking, exercising, writing a personal blog, reading a newspaper, or even cleaning your house, you will feel a strong zest and motivation to do something in life. This is always a great way to make yourself feel better and it is worth being productive for yourself.

Another thing I have always thought was a good impression of myself on others: being a calm mind. I am not sure how many of you like people with a high and short temper. Although, I am not really attracted to people who get mad at everything. Keeping your mind at peace and patiently dealing with things is my key to get people to like me. I am not perfectly good at it, but I think I have made progress over the past few years.


Here are a few mindfulness tips for you.

1. Take a break from your thoughts in the morning

Going outside right after you wake up is a great way to inhale fresh air and take a few deep breaths. You can try to forget about what happened last night or what is going to happen that day. You might try to think about the present and your current moment. As the sun is shining lightly on your eyes and you can feel the slight heat over the chilling dew in the air. The fragrance of wet grass and chirping of the birds could make your day incredibly different.

2. Move your body for improved focus

A few steps or stretches every 45-55 min can result in improved focused, concentration, and productivity in the work you are doing. It is not necessary for you to go out intentionally to get those steps in. Taking stairs at your work or school instead of the elevator is a common way of doing it.

3. Do not judge yourself in hard times

Hardest of times come in to check your patience and make you a better person. When you are stressed, depressed, disappointed, or unhappy with how things are going in your life, do not judge yourself. Be optimistic and keep a positive mindset. If you do not try to feel good and confident about yourself, it will be difficult for you to make a blissful impact on the people around you.


4. Do not invest energy into things you cannot change.

For example, imagine yourself coming across a huge field covered in thorns and you need to get across it. Would you rather start collecting all those billion thorns as you move ahead? Or is it better to wear heavy construction boots on your feet which will not let the thorns penetrate in? Similarly, instead of wasting your energy in changing something which cannot be changed, a little change within yourself can save you a lot of stress and energy.

These are some of the tips which will help your brain stay calm and focus on things that matter the most.


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