Stay Healthy While Working from Home

Stay Healthy While Working from Home

Most of us know the feeling of being stuck in the office wishing we were at home. If we could just take our work home with us we swear it would get done. Sure enough, the coronavirus has now taken people out of the office and confined them to their homes. While everyone should be taking this issue seriously and taking all necessary precautions, but we know how restless people become when they’re quarantined. So here are some offices items to help you stay sane and healthy while working from home:

1. A Pour-Over Coffee Maker

If you are sitting at your kitchen table working on your laptop, you probably have the coffee pot repeatedly brewing, drinking coffee by the gallon. This pour-over coffee maker will make smaller quantities, ensuring you always have a fresh cup. However, you’re more likely to monitor your intake if you are having to brew each cup. A little caffeine is an essential part of most people’s days, now is the perfect time to monitor what you are putting in your body. Try to limit the caffeine intake and add more necessary nutrients. Slow down and smell the coffee!

2. NeuroGum

This gum is made with a blend of caffeine and nootropics (substances that may improve cognitive function in healthy individuals). It is designed to give you energy five times faster than regular coffee without the jitters or the crash afterward. This is a great idea for when you find yourself becoming easily distracted from your work. If you suffer from regular headaches, this will not have the same effect as an overly-caffeinated beverage. Many people have reported they do not experience headaches after chewing this gum.

3. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This is a quick fix if the chair you are working in at home doesn’t provide a lot of comfort. People who suffer from back problems have found that not all seat cushions are the same. You may have to dole out a little extra cash but it is suggested that you buy one with proper contours, as opposed to old-fashioned “medical donuts.” A quality cushion will reduce the pressure It is important to maintain proper posture to avoid back and neck pain, but a little extra cushion can go a long way.

4. Noise-cancelling Headphones

For best use, purchase a wireless version so there is no cord getting in your way. These are highly recommended when working at home while the children are out of school or with a pet who guards the house from squirrels, the mailman, etc. Make sure that not only is the sound quality adequate, but they should drown out almost all background noise.

5. Time-marked Water Bottle

These water bottles will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Being confined to your home for long periods of time can make you anxious and tired, but being dehydrated will only make it worse. With the time and ounces displayed on the bottle, it will motivate you to take in the proper amount of water throughout the entire day.

6. Keyboard Cleaning Gel

This gel is perfect for collecting crumbs from your midday snack, or the pesky dog hairs from your furry friend who is just excited to have you home. Cleaning gels do not leave behind any sticky residue and are reusable. Read: this gel is not meant to sanitize your keyboard, however it is important that you use a sanitizing wipe over your keyboard at least once a day.

7. Small Humidifier

You can find small humidifiers in many shapes, but look for one that operates on a USB cable so you can keep the air around you hydrating while you work. Like any humidifier, this is great for maintaining your health, so it is important to have by your side as you spend long hours working from home.

8. Adjustable Desk

An adjustable, portable desk comes in many different sizes and brands, from affordable to expensive. However, a fancy desk is unnecessary when you simply need to stand for a brief period while keeping up with your work flow. An adjustable desk will work wonders on your back and legs, and it really keeps your blood flowing. Before you invest in an expensive adjustable desk built into your wall, try an under $40 option from Amazon to see how it benefits you.

9. Blue-light Blocking Glasses

These are a must for the office too. These glasses protect your eyes from the type of light in screens that can negatively affect your sleep cycles and strain your eyes.  Even if you do not wear prescription glasses, these are ideal for maintaining eye health.

The necessary items to stay healthy while working from home are available online, no need to run out to the store. Keep factories and delivery services in business while it is still safe for them!

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