Are AI Bots the Future of Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence

Google Producing Artifical Intelligence for Healthcare

What if you could provide accurate medical information and get more accurate diagnoses? This might be possible with Google developing a version of artificial intelligence that could predict the outcome of your hospital visit by simply entering more accurate information about yourself. This isn’t the first big name we have heard this year with intentions to enter the healthcare industry. Amazon, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Chase, and more have all shown interest in joining the healthcare world. Artificial intelligence technology may raise the standard in predicting accurate diagnoses that hospitals and doctors have set. So what exactly is Google’s AI technology? Today, we are going to discuss it and more!

Cost of the Wrong Diagnosis

The truth is doctors can’t catch everything you might have or be able to accurately diagnose patients every time. Unplanned hospital re-admissions cost $17 billion a year and infections lead to 99,000 deaths. Google’s research shows problems with medications cause over 770,000 injuries and deaths. Google claims their new AI, which runs off algorithms from neural networks, can tell doctors when you should be discharged, readmitted, or it can even predict how much time a patient has remaining. Researchers believe AI tech will give us the ability to predict conditions early before they cause serious damage.

Test Done for AI System

Google has already tested the AI bot over the past few years. DeepMind is Google’s sister company that is based overseas. DeepMind has analyzed one million anonymous and historic eye scans to learn from previous the diagnoses. It is predicted that this AI technology can enter clinical trials within the next few years depending on reviews. The next stage in DeepMind’s plan is to train the algorithm to analyze radiotherapy scans in hopes to pursue a pre-eminent strike on cancer. AI is leading the walk towards the future. Due to an aging population, the need for assistance, such as AI, can help reduce strain on hospitals and doctors. For a more detailed article on DeepMind’s efforts, click here.

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