Immunity in India vs the United States

Immunity in India vs the United States

Immunity In India vs The United States

Immunity in India vs the United States: Can a Strong Immune System Affect Health Insurance Usage? Some think so. People from various regions of the planet have better immunity than others. Thus, reducing the percentage of people with health insurance. 

There are more differences in the culture of India vs the US. One big difference? Less than 20% of India’s population have health insurance. People in India, and other developing countries, generally have a stronger immune system than people in the United States. Is this discrimination? No, it is simply the way you are brought up as a child.

In India, kids grow up with a lot of dust, mud, and unclean air. In contrast, children in the U.S. spend most of their time in air-conditioned, dust-free environments. The hygiene level in the U.S. is way higher than in India. As children are exposed to these unsterile conditions in India every day, they naturally develop immunity to various germs and diseases around them.

Traveling Gets You Under The Weather

I have seen Americans come to India and fall sick throughout their travel. They are not accustomed to the dust and living conditions in India. Even when I go back to India for vacation, I tend to get sick the first few days. Our immune system has simply adapted to being in a dust-free, 24×7 air-conditioned indoor environment in the U.S.

Moreover, allergies are unusual in India as well. Nut allergy, dairy allergy, gluten allergy, dust allergy, and many others are not common in India. These are common allergies in the U.S. and needs to be taken proper care of.

Generally, in India, you do not go to the doctor for a mere cold, cough, or fever. The assumption is your body will heal itself without medication or injections. This results in a stronger immune system in individuals.

In India, children come in contact with much harsher conditions outside their homes, too. Parents allow them to play in sand, mud, grass, and other open environments. This is one of the traditions in India to make sure kids are not too protected.

Immunity in India vs the United StatesWater is one of the concerns in India as well. You can drink water directly from the tap in most developed countries. However, India is one of the countries where you need proper boiling and filtering of water before you can drink it. Everyone generally drinks filtered water in India, but there are various ways of encountering unfiltered water. The chances of you getting sick are higher than people in India as they have become immune to it.

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