AI Integration into Healthcare in China Brings New Hope to Healthcare

AIAI Integration into Healthcare in China Brings New Hope to Healthcare

As we develop new resources in technology, some countries are turning to our advances for a cure to failing healthcare systems. From Amazon developing its own healthcare platform to Google creating an AI bot to preemptively scan for major diseases, we currently see a merge of healthcare and tech companies. China seems to be taking the same steps with its ever-growing population, firstly focusing on skin disease. With not enough specialist is China, the country hopes that AI will be able to relieve some of the problems of the overgrown population. Today, we will look how AI can help solve issues in healthcare.

AI In Skincare

Last month an experimental app for AI was released called Quality Skin. The app itself is able to identify some of the rarest skin conditions and even the most common. According to Cui Yong, research chief at China-Japan Friendship Hospital, experienced doctors might only encounter 800 out of the 2,000 skin diseases in their career. With devices, such as Quality Skin, diagnosis and ways to handle the different diseases can help relieve some stress put on doctors who want to accurately diagnosis conditions.

Why China Is Ahead Of The Game

Ni Hao, healthcare chief-executive at Yitu Technology, stated that China leads America in integration of AI systems into healthcare.  One of those reasons is the lack of actual doctors in China compared to the surplus in the States. Also, the ability to afford to create AI startups in China is far cheaper than hiring medical teams in America. AI startups are a surge in China with one Robot actually passing the country’s written national qualification exam for doctors.

The Future Seems Bright

Although the move towards AI is seen in a positive light, the country has not received approval from the CFDA. Until approval, AI systems will not be for commercial adoption until the earliest of next year. As for now, we can expect AI to continue to make advances in healthcare. Specific areas we’ll see AI bots in end of life care, treatment, early detection, decision making, diagnosis and more. Stay tuned for more information on AI bots in Healthcare.

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