Why Is Flash Going Away? And What’s Next?

Many of us remember playing Flash Games online to pass the time in the early 2000s, but Adobe’s FlashPlayer is officially going to be unsupported and gone for good by the end of 2020. So what does that mean for online media going forward?

What Was Flash Used For?

The internet has quickly advanced in the last 20 years, but one of the things websites struggled with in the beginning was playing multimedia such as audio and video. The solution to this in those early days was Adobe Flash, which allowed websites to play audio and video before websites could do so naturally. Some websites from that era still rely on flash for their multimedia content.

Why Is Adobe Flash Going Away and What Replaces It?

In the modern era of the internet, Flash has mostly become obsolete as websites that are coded in HTML5 have replaced Flash with the ability to naturally integrate audio and video content without the need for the plugin since its release in 2014. Along with this, mobile platforms dropped the program long ago with Apple removing it from its products in 2010 and Android following in 2012.

One of the major factors that contributed to Flash’s need for a replacement and subsequent implementation of that replacement is its rampant security issues. Flash is a browser plugin, making it an easy target for hackers to use as a backdoor into users’ computers if the company does not stay 100% on top of the platform’s security. There have been multiple instances in the past where Adobe failed to stay on top of these security risks. As a result, many browsers disabled the program entirely or the user must manually activate it.

What Will Happen To Flash Games And Content in 2020?

When Flash goes, most modern websites and their users will be unaffected since websites in the current era use HTML5 for their content. However, older websites that have Flash games and content will have a problem. They will have to either adapt to the new systems or their content will only be accessible through intentionally downloading an older unsupported version, which is very risky for users, or through programs like Flashpoint that are made to archive old internet Flash content.

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