Humana Studio H: Humana’s New Digital Health and Analytics Service

Humana Studio H: Humana’s New Digital Health and Analytics Service

Humana is stepping up the competition, as they announced new designs to advance its capabilities in the areas of technology, digital health, and analytics in support of its integrated care. With this new support emerging from the company, consumers can expect better health data delivery to become simplified. They can also expect better experiences when working with Humana. Humana Studio H will find its home in Boston surrounded by a pool of talent and partnerships. How will Studio H help Humana clients in the future? Today, we will cover the studio’s goals and capabilities for consumers.

Humana Studio H Capabilities

“What we’re developing in Boston is a critical capability that can help Humana leap forward and overcome friction points to create a simplified, connected and personalized healthcare experience for our members…,” stated CEO Bruce Broussard. Broussard believes digital tech and analytics are the building blocks of developing better products for whole person care. The company hopes to focus on better health experiences for members, improving lifestyle by increasing the quality of care.

The team also added Heather Cox to the newly created position of Chief Digital Health and Analytics Officer whose experience can help the company succeed. With over 25 years of experience at the USAA, Broussard feels that Ms. Cox, being the head of the companies team, will help develop its role exceedingly. “I look forward to collaborating with Heather, as we work to bring next-generation products to life at Humana,” said Beth Bierbower, hoping what the company develops is appreciated by Humana members.

How the Consumer Will Be Affected

The analytics will help track more of the activities of your body like sleep, heart rate, and more through wearable devices. These devices will upload health information and make suggestions to you for health upkeep. The analytics will also help drive down these cost for patients from unnecessary check-ups and visits. Patients will have plans developed for them exclusively based on the needs, presenting the best treatments on individual cases.

Humana is all in for helping their customers in 2018. For more information about Humana, visit their website here, or give Empower Brokerage a call. Stay tuned as we update you on Humana Studio H in the near future.

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