Most Useful Stretches

Stretching should be a top priority in our daily routine. Most office and workplace injuries are preventable by stretching. One of the biggest and most common problems people face in the office is back pain. Lower back pain is completely preventable with stretching. It is an excellent way to start the day and get circulation to all the necessary places throughout the body. These stretches will begin to increase mobility, posture, and prevent injuries.  


These 2 stretches work out the major muscle groups in the body. After 3 weeks of stretching every day, mobility will be noticeably better. Stretching on a consistent basis will exponentially increase mobility. This means that the longer you stretch consistently, the more you flexible and mobile you become. When the body becomes more flexible and mobile, simple things like sitting up or bending over become much easier. Sitting in a chair or in a car for long periods of time are made far easier to handle.


Stretching helps to improve posture.  Poor posture is a common and growing problem in the United States. Poor posture generally occurs from weakness in muscles and the use of technology. Weakness in muscle is a sign of injury or improper exercise. When the body is not exercised enough or properly, the muscles begin to become imbalanced. This creates tension in the body that pulls you out of alignment, creating poor posture. Technology causes bad posture because of how much time we spend on it. Whether sitting at a computer all day, using a tablet or looking down at your cell phone, technology leads your body to be pushed out alignment. This develops bad posture and often more pain. Stretching loosens muscles and allows the body to re-align itself.

Injury Prevention

Stretches are considered the most important part of the workout by many health experts. It is the most important part of working out because it allows you to continue exercising. When muscles get tight and weak, the risk of becoming injured increases dramatically when doing any physical activity.

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