National Child Health Day

Every first Monday of October is National Child Health Day. Children are the future of the world. They are the future lawyers, scientist, and policemen. It is important to raise our future leaders in a healthy environment, and so on National Child Health Day, we recognize that all children deserve to be as healthy as they can. In honor of the day, I plan to go over some fun activities you as a parent can participate in to make sure your children are in tip-top shape with glowing health.

Outdoor Activities Kids Love

It is important to get kids outside. Millennials and Generation Z have been observed to interact with technology around ages 5 and 6 to be exact. Why not try to do some activities outside that you and your child both love. For instance, grab some chalk and play hopscotch. Not only does hopscotch give kids the ability to get some physical exercise, but it also helps boost self-esteem.

In fact, the feeling of completing an objective or winning is proven to boost the feel-good chemicals in the brain of a child and in return makes them more confident. Kids have tons of energy, and it’s important to be able to let them release as much of it possible. Try bringing them to a park where not only are they able to run around and play on the equipment, but a park is a centralized location for children to become social with other kids around them.

Healthy Eating for your child

Children are constantly growing, and it’s important that we are giving them the right diet to keep up with that growth. Children’s taste buds are constantly evolving and changing so they are always experiencing something new. It is important to get them eating healthy from the very beginning so they become used to certain foods. Having a steady intake of protein is important in producing and building your child’s cells. You can find protein in foods like milk, eggs, yogurt, and peanut butter. Carbohydrates are important as well to help use your child’s fat and protein to build and repair certain tissues. Foods, such as bread, cereal, and rice, are rich in carbs. In addition, remember to try to get a steady intake of calcium, iron, and fibers. You can find most of these in vitamins, which can be bought from your local pharmacies.

Check-ups and Pediatricians

With children, it’s important to always make sure they are healthy and have annual checkups. Depending on your preference, you can bring your child to see a physician every few months to a year. These annual checkups inform you and your child about where are they in their growth compared to other children, and it helps identify potential problems that can be avoided with enough foreknowledge. It is also important to begin to build a relationship with a pediatrician early on so you have someone you’re comfortable with checking on your child, while also having someone your child is comfortable with opening up to.

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