How to Monitor Your Health without Visiting the Doctor

healthHow to Monitor Your Health without Visiting the Doctor

With such a busy lifestyle, you might not be the type of person who likes to visit the doctor. You might also be a person who doesn’t want to have to pay for a check-up if there really is nothing wrong. There is also the third reason, which might be your dislike of doctors. If you don’t like seeing the doctor often, it’s important to keep an eye on your physical health. So how can you be sure that you’re at least in a good condition without visiting the doctor frequently? Today, we will go over the best way to monitor your health without the frequent doctor visits.

Signs to Look for?

There are many different parts of your body that you will want to pay attention to. Changes in color, shape or texture in body parts could be signs of a medical issue that should be addressed. Some areas you will always want to observe are your feet, tongue, breasts, even your hair. You will also want to keep an eye out for any bumps/lumps that might appear around your body. Paying close attention to how you feel physically can help identify if anything is wrong.

What Could the Problem Be?

With these different body parts, you will want to look for a couple of signs before considering the doctor. With your nails, any progressive whitening may indicate conditions, such as chronic renal failure and congestive heart failure. The thinning and loss of hair can be a sign of poor health, stress, thyroid diseases, or even just not enough protein or iron. Skin rashes or bumps could just be an allergy, but to be safe anything out of the ordinary that shows up on your body should be taken seriously. You can do a google search for common bumps/rashes that show up on your body or visit here. Caution some of those pictures can be graphic! If your feet seem swollen, it could mean something’s broken, hormone fluctuations, or even infections.

You Still Need a Doctor

Just because we can do self check-ups, everyone should still have routine check-ups with their doctor. At a doctor’s office, not only will they be able to narrow down potential problems that you may not know about, but doctors can also provide prevention checkups which evaluate your overall health. You can also visit a specialist who works with your gender specifically to have someone who can not only relate but know what to look for in your ever-changing body.

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