How do temperatures affect mental health?

How does temperature affect mental health?

Temperatures can play a large role on how your Mental Health affects you. Being to hot can lead to irrational mental thoughts, while being to cold can do exactly the opposite.

Warmer Temperatures

Warmer temperatures can lead to worsening Mental Health conditions. This is because warmer weather negatively affects your body already. That helps to add strain on your mental well being. “Overall, the authors concluded that cooler temperatures decrease the level of adverse mental health outcomes and that warmer temperatures increase negative health outcomes. They provide further detail:” stated Medical News Today.

Cooler Temperatures

Cooler temperatures can lead to the exact inverse of Warmer Temperatures. Our main estimates imply that increasing average monthly temperature by 1°F leads to a 0.48% increase in mental health [emergency department] visits and a 0.35% increase in suicides.” stated Medical News Today. With that being said cooler temperatures can help relive any worsening Mental Health Conditions.

Sleep could play an important role

Sleep could play an important role in Mental Health and temperature’s. “The authors of the recent study believe that the link between increasing temperature’s and poor mental health outcomes in the U.S. might be due to sleep disturbances. Dipping into other datasets, they found that the sleep disruption resulting from high temperatures closely mirrors temperature’s effect on mental health outcomes.” stated Medical News Today.

Overall Mental Health

Mental Health is a big part of our everyday lives. Cooler temperature’s seem to be better than warmer temperature’s. Even those who live in the region are still affected by the high temperature’s. “They also show that their estimates remain stable over time — in other words, people do not seem to adapt to changes in temperature very quickly. The authors explain that they found “no evidence of effective adaptation to the identified effects anywhere — or among any group — in the U.S.” stated Medical News Today.

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