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Exercise provides benefits for depression and mental health.
Fighting Melancholy with Movement Can exercise impact your mental health? Research has revealed that exercise could play an instrumental role in bettering our mental health. With depression being the leading cause of disability worldwide, experts are recommending the use of exercise to help mitigate the issue. But why? Interestingly, when […]

Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

Suffering from weight bias comes with a list of nasty side effects, with depression and thoughts of suicide among them. Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.
Mind Over Body Emergent research suggests that what you think about your weight could be the culprit behind your unachieved health goals.  Weight bias is defined as any negative pattern of behavior, thoughts, judgments, or beliefs associated with body weight or size.  Real-world examples of weight bias include being excluded […]

How Weight Bias Makes You and Others Sick

mental health month
Mental health month was developed to raise awareness for mental health and the way it affects children, families, and communities. Mental Health Month was established in 1949 to shed a light on how important mental health and wellness are in the lives of Americans. It is also a time dedicated […]

May is Mental Health Month: Let’s Talk About It

Indulging in revenge procrastination can keep your body from functioning as it should.
A Brain Breakthrough Psychologists have recently coined a term for a startling new behavior in adult psychology: ‘revenge procrastination.’ If you can relate to the scenario below, you may struggle with revenge procrastination too! Emma is a single mom of two and a full-time teacher.  She wakes up early each […]

The Newest Psychological Trend: Revenge Procrastination

Marriage and Family Therapy is currently under examination for coverage under Medicare and Medicaid. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.
The Ultimate Collective Everyone has their own idea of what a family is.  Some assert that families are tight-knit groups of blood relatives while others favor found families of friends.  There are sprawling families, sparse families, families that function as refuges, and families that feel lonely even when they’re together.  […]

Will Medicaid Pay for My Marriage and Family Therapy?

Receive therapy for less using the sliding scale payment system. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.
The Cost In today’s increasingly distressing world, more people than ever before are seeking professional mental health diagnosis and treatment.  However, with insured and uninsured patients alike having to pay upwards of $100 per session (maybe MORE), many who desperately need the help decide to go without.  The worst part?  […]

How to Get Therapy FOR LESS: The Sliding Scale

Among some of the most popular treatment options are taking prescription medication, attending talk therapy, or getting an emotional support animal (ESA).
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 20 percent of American adults are living with one or more mental illnesses. With such a large percentage of the population experiencing the effects of psychological disorders, many are searching for ways to level out their anxiety and stress. Among some […]

Mental Health Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal

Pandemic Mental Health
A recent study by Metlife found that the pandemic is having an adverse impact on people’s mental health, especially younger employees. The study found that Gen Z employees were three times more likely to seek professional help for mental health struggles during the pandemic than other age groups. Causes For […]

Mental Health Effects During Pandemic

  When thinking of COVID-19 we always jump to the thought of someone’s health, mostly on the physical spectrum. We often times have not understood its impact mentally, which has in fact worked on everyone in the world in certain ways. Whether it’s wondering when life will go back to […]

COVID-19 Has Affected Mental States In Big Ways

Where I plan to go after the Global Pandemic All we see these days are negative stories or articles on the Coronavirus Global Pandemic and the current state of our economy. So I’ve decided to plan my post-pandemic vacation because we all need one of those after all. Especially after […]

Where I plan to go after the global pandemic