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Mental health month was developed to raise awareness for mental health and the way it affects children, families, and communities. Mental Health Month was established in 1949 to shed a light on how important mental health and wellness are in the lives of Americans. It is also a time dedicated […]

May is Mental Health Month: Let’s Talk About It

Marriage and Family Therapy is currently under examination for coverage under Medicare and Medicaid. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.
The Ultimate Collective Everyone has their own idea of what a family is.  Some assert that families are tight-knit groups of blood relatives while others favor found families of friends.  There are sprawling families, sparse families, families that function as refuges, and families that feel lonely even when they’re together.  […]

Will Medicaid Pay for My Marriage and Family Therapy?

Receive therapy for less using the sliding scale payment system. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.
The Cost In today’s increasingly distressing world, more people than ever before are seeking professional mental health diagnosis and treatment.  However, with insured and uninsured patients alike having to pay upwards of $100 per session (maybe MORE), many who desperately need the help decide to go without.  The worst part?  […]

How to Get Therapy FOR LESS: The Sliding Scale

Telehealth for Behavioral Health Did you know you can use telehealth for therapy and other Behavioral Health services? It’s true. Telehealth, also known as Telemedicine, is on the rise and re-shaping the healthcare landscape. Considering 46.6 million Americans experienced mental illness in 2017 but nearly 60% of them did not […]

Telehealth for Behavioral Health

Mental Health Help And Tips To Keep You Positive & Productive Trying to be more mentally fit this October? With the rise of mental health awareness, you might be wanting to implement healthier habits for your brain. To close out October, today we will look at different habits to implement […]

Mental Health Help And Tips To Keep You Positive & ...

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Mental Health in America With so many events happening in the United States, the American population is experiencing a mental health crisis. Every year, mental health conditions go untreated and affect the lives of millions of Americans. How do you tell if someone might be suffering from a state of mental […]

Mental Health in America: How Should We Handle It?