The Health Benefits of Being in Love

loveThe Health Benefits of Being in Love

You might have read a recent post about how being single can actually be a benefit to your health. Well does that mean being in a relationship or in love has negative effects on you? It doesn’t; in fact, being infatuated has just as many health benefits as being single does. So while we’re still in February – the love month – I’m going to go over some of the benefits of being in love and why it is good for you.

What Is Dopamine?

Do you know what dopamine is? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. When you first develop an attraction for someone, our neurons are releasing small batches of dopamine. The more you think about someone the more dopamine that is released and your body gets familiar with that butterfly feeling and wants to continue to feel like it. The most notable feelings associated with dopamine is often fondness, tenderness, intimacy, and most importantly love. It makes you happy because of the constant release of dopamine.

Health Benefits of Love

Love also helps you live longer. When married you make a promise unto death to be together. With the constant accountability of having a partner who loves you, they will most likely try their hardest to turn you away from any bad habits you might have. Having a partner who will follow you to the ends of the world also helps reduce stress levels. Knowing you will never be alone no matter the situation lowers anxiety levels that were stimulated by the feeling of loneliness. Having constant love and support is important, as it help push you towards your goals. Your partner will catch things about yourself that you may never think about and help you develop even better habits.

Who Said It Has to Be Your Partner?

The benefits of being in love don’t necessarily have to be from your partner. Whether it’s your family members, your close group of friends, or even your pets, you can reap the benefits of love. Love is the strongest force on earth, and its benefits are unmatched. Don’t wait until Valentines Day comes back around, give and receive love 365 days a year.

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