Importance of Relaxation


I personally just got back from a vacation to Montana. What I realized after a bit of research, was that relaxation improves the mind and body in many ways. There is an increased well-being, mental power, relationships, and happiness. So much of the time people feel overworked and underpaid. They go into the office each morning dreading the days work ahead of them. Most people do not have much to look forward to. Relaxing and vacationing are necessary for a healthy individual.

Mental Benefits

Cortisol is the stress hormone produced by the brain. It causes the brain structure to alter if there is too much build-up of this hormone. When there is a build-up of cortisol, higher levels of anxiety and stress appear. People are calmer when they are away from work and the stresses of the day. This allows the body and mind to heal itself in ways it would not be able to under the normal pressures of life. Mental power is often heightened after returning from vacation. Employees will be much more focused and productive. Chronic stress/stress build-up can make people less goal-oriented and can cause memory problems. One of the major benefits of vacations is planning. It gives the subconscious something to look forward to and the effects can be felt from up to eight weeks before the trip.

Physical Benefits

Being burnt out is terrible. Upon coming back from vacation, people are much more creative and productive than the other overworked, sleep-deprived associates. Relationships are better maintained when the time of work is taken. A study done by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services found that women who took vacations were more satisfied in their marriages.

Taking time off work is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the mind and body. It can save time and money in medical bills. There are so many stressors in daily life, the brain and body need to have some relaxation. Without them, the body and mind can deteriorate at a faster rate. It is easy to let personal health go down the drain, but it’s important to get ahead of the medical problems of the future. Since insurance choices can be confusing, we want to help you understand what coverage you need and how to save money getting it. We want to answer your questions. 

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