Do weighted blankets really work?

Do weighted blankets really work?

Weighted blankets are said to help reduce stress and make you feel more comfortable. Emily Schellen, A Marketing Specialist with Empower says “The weighted blanket seemed to provide a calming effect and helped me fall asleep faster. I typically just use mine for short naps, but I think it was a great purchase.” The blanket did exactly what it was supposed to for her. Created a calm, stress-free environment for her to get a good night’s sleep.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

There are many benefits that people get from weighted blankets.

Stress Reduction

Stress plays a big part in our daily lives. The weighted blanket can help calm you and reduce your stress.

Alevites Restless Leg Syndrom

Weighted blankets can help alleviate restless leg syndrome and lead to a night of good sleep.

Supports the elderly

The elderly need to help reduce stress and stay comfortable.

Can help with sleep

If you are someone who has an issue falling asleep or a person who has issues staying asleep then a weighted blanket may be able to help you stay asleep throughout the night.

How do I know what weight to get?

The Weight of the blanket is based on your weight, The rule of thumb is 10% of your body weight for the blanket, then add a pound or two. So for example, a 180-pound adult would need a 20-pound blanket. However, some people may like heavier, or lighter blankets. They may have less than the desired effect but they could work.

Is a weighted blanket right for me?

A weighted blanket might be right for you if you are stressed, elderly, have restless leg syndrome, or just like to be hugged. It’s a relatively inexpensive option and may be worth trying. Weighted blankets might not be right for people with claustrophobia as the weight does add pressure and could put you in an even worse state than previous in.

Be careful when using weighted blankets, and make sure that you are using the correct weight, don’t use a blanket that’s too heavy for you. You should be able to easily move the blanket. You can find weighted blankets at places like Amazon and Walmart as well as other retailers like Kohls or Target.

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