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Do you remove yourself from a conversation when things get a little tense? Do you get a frog in your throat and begin to cry when you get into an argument? If you do, you certainly aren’t the first and won’t be the last. This dilemma can be a symptom of miscommunication. People who typically can’t respond adequately in times of anguish only hurt themselves because they get frustrated that they can’t speak! This situation is a double whammy because it also affects them mentally. Those who cannot communicate effectively typically develop increased anxiety and feel lonelier. Today, I wanted to discuss ways we may properly communicate our thoughts and feelings and ways to improve our mental health.

Bottling Everything Up

If you find that you are the type of person who holds everything in, LISTEN UP! Yes, I yelled at you because sometimes it is good to let things out. Now, I yelled in a comedic fashion. I don’t recommend yelling at others to get something off your chest; that will make you unpopular with your friends, family, and significant others. However, I do recommend letting your thoughts and emotions out of the bottle! Talk to someone close to you so you know you’re not alone. You learn proper communication when opening up to someone you know and love. It’s scary to take on things alone, but with help and guidance, anything is possible. Whether relationship problems, family problems, or work problems exist, it is better for your mental health to have proper communication with others.

Shout It Out Loud

One way to instantly fracture relationships is by yelling at those you’re close to when frustrated. Don’t do it. Yelling is a defense mechanism. You feel as though you need to lash out because you don’t have control over the situation. Think of a dog that backs into a corner and begins to bark and growl. Most of the time, the dog isn’t mean; it’s just scared. That dog can be you in a few situations. The difference between a dog and you is that you won’t receive a pass after you’ve cooled down. Relationships can be challenging to mend; people will look at you in a different way, and some will say enough is enough. Don’t let this be you. Emotions are difficult to handle, and there is no instruction manual on how to deal with them. One thing is certain: proper communication affects your mental health if you continue to go down this path.

See A Councilor

Times have certainly changed since the early 90’s and 2000’s. All the crop tops and early MP3 players aside, what I’m talking about is the stigma of therapy. In the past, people have perceived therapy negatively. You only went to a therapist if you were mentally insane or had some other ailment. That certainly isn’t the case anymore. Therapy is arguably more accessible now than it was 20 years ago since people are embracing the healthy mental effects therapists have. Sometimes, your family and friends don’t have the proper tools to listen and offer you guidance, and that’s ok. We’re only human, and not everyone has degrees or sufficient training to interpret our family’s baggage. That’s where the professionals should step in. If you believe you need help with your mental health or if you wish to develop better communication skills, speaking with a therapist is the best way to go.

The only real thing you can do is hold yourself accountable for your emotions and actions. You may struggle with your communication skills, so try not to put stress on your relationships. Be open with whoever you may experience argumentative feelings with, and they may work with you on your emotions. Don’t think you have to do things on your own. That’s what friends and family are for. At the end of the day, the one thing you can do is your best.

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