Simple Meditation Facts

What is the deal with Meditation? Is it actually helpful, or just something people do to help “Clear their minds and soles.”? Well yes and no, there is some truth to Meditation being good for you, and there is also some bad.

The Good

Meditation cultivates attention and awareness, studies also show the meditation helps cultivate concentration. Just 10 minutes a day can drastically improve reaction times for accuracy based computer tests. As well as overall reaction times.

There are several types of meditations, none of that legs-crossed eye-closed stuff that your mind automatically goes to whenever you think of the word “Meditation”.


This meditation technique is one of the more common techniques and is suggested by some physicians to help calm people down.

This technique is when you concentrate on a single object, either your breathing or something like a candle.

Open Focus

Open focus meditation is the second most common technique, this helps to increase mindfulness and awareness of your surroundings.

This technique is when you recognize every thought that comes into your head as they arise without passing judgment.


Cultivation Meditation is the third, and final technique we will be discussing, this technique is the least common because it requires more time and energy to complete accurately.

This technique is when you try to create a certain quality in your mind or habits of the mind. Essentially centered around getting rid of negative thoughts and creating a more stable mental state.

Meditation may seem like a waste of time if you do not know the science behind it or the techniques. It is not about sitting crossing your legs and closing your eyes. But rather about creating a safe, and stabler mental condition for yourself. In this day it is getting increasingly harder and harder to have a safe and stable mind. As things like social media grow, mental stability decreases.

The Bad

Good news! There are no “bad” side-effects of Meditation unless you have underlying mental issues. Then, always consult your doctor about it. However, you should always take your health seriously, even something as seemingly mynute.

Going to try Meditation?

Consider taking some time off from social media, reducing screen time and increasing physical contact. We spend hours, days, even weeks on our phones out of the year. That’s a crazy amount, I myself fall victim to the endless scroll. I spend 38 hours a week on my phone, that’s a full-time job. That’s almost 82 days a year, or 12 weeks a year, or 3 months a year. Putting down your phone could help with meditation and increase your mental health. That’s a no-brainer, right?

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