Signs You Should Switch Your Health Plan

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Signs You Should Switch Your Health Plan

Financial, health, and family situations change every single year. So, it only makes sense that your health insurance plan changes along with you. Taking the time during the open enrollment period to determine whether your plan is still right for you will save you future headaches. With all that being said, there are certain signs you should switch your health plan, and I will be sharing some with you.

Your doctor no longer accepts your health plan. I understand how valuable finding a good doctor is. They make you safe and comfortable and you feel like you can never go anywhere else. Unfortunately, the types of health insurance plans that doctors accept are always evolving. Your doctor accepts your plan now, but that does not mean it will be that way forever. And continuing to go to them without coverage is an expensive mistake.

Increasing prices. Staying enrolled in the same health plan does not keep your prices the same. Premiums may continue to rise year after year. Switching to a different plan may have you paying less for a similar option.

No free preventive care. Health insurance plans are required to fully cover things like flu shots, blood pressure screenings, etc. which are considered preventive care. Grandfathered plans (purchased before March 2010) do not have to follow those same rules and can have you paying for services that are meant to keep you healthy. So, if you have had your plan for a while, you may want to look at switching it up.

Prescriptions not covered. Health insurance providers can decide which prescriptions they will and will not cover. They can even change the amount of the price that they will take care of. Asking your insurance provider if your medications will still be covered in the next year is a good way to determine if you want to stay with your current plan or look for a new one.

Requirement of care. Look back at the past year and determine your financial and care needs. A lot of hospital visits and prescriptions at full price may mean that you should get a plan that offers good overall coverage. And if you paid a lot for a plan you hardly used, you should find something less expensive with higher deductibles.

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