Three Steps to Recovering from Heartbreak

Throughout life, we all experience heartbreak. Heartbreak is sad, and it’s really hard to overcome when it happens to you. With heartbreak, it is very common for us to feel an intense emotional and sometimes physical strain on our persons. Some people deal with heartbreak with sleep, some like to let their frustration out, others cry, while there are those who emotionally eat. At the end of the day heartbreak really takes a toll on morale. We all want to find a suitable way to relieve this feeling, but is there any real way to deal with heartbreak? Medicine won’t work, but today I hope to go over some ways to reflect and heal.


Its crazy to believe that as human beings we are able to show a level of love that exceeds normal capacities. So when that love is stopped we cant go straight to the Netflix in hopes of taking our minds off it. Depending on your situation, it’s important to accept the fact that something has happened and it has caused a grief in your heart. When you are able to understand your situation and come to terms that it happened, this is the first step to recovery.


After being able to fully come to terms with what happened, it is important to reflect on the situation. What really happened? Was it your fault and something needed to change? Was it just not working out? Did you make enough time to work on your relationship? Have you been realistic in your expectations? All of these questions and more need to be reflected on in order to avoid walking down the same path in any future relationships.

Personal Time

After you’re able to reflect on what happened it’s important to take time for yourself. Be you and make yourself happy. Don’t think about jumping into another relationship, but work on yourself. Do things you usually don’t do and look towards the future. Work on yourself in the areas you find weak and become better. At the end of this personal time, decide whether or not you’re ready to jump into another relationship.

Enjoy yourself improve yourself and know that you will recover. At some point, you will be happy with yourself and ready to find someone who is happy with the person you are. Don’t give up. Crying may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

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