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The most recent State of the Union address emphasized the future success of schoolchildren. However, the USDA seems to be aiming for the opposite of success for today’s youth. The new “School Meals Flexibilities” rule may prove harmful to school-age children. This new plan will only worsen current obesity and […]

School Meals Flexibilities

american budget
With elections coming up, politicians are quick to criticize surprise medical bills. Unfortunately, they aren’t as quick to act on their promise. Recently, new “surprise billing legislation” was written up and candidates must now decide where they stand. These surprise bills are a form of so-called patient extortion unique to […]

Surprise Medical Bills

Every community deals with the disappointment of poor pet owners. The ones who abandon their vulnerable animals; animals that only want to give them their love and loyalty. There is a need all over the world for big-hearted people who are willing to help homeless pets. It’s nothing to be […]

How to Help Homeless Pets

sick leave in u.s.
Sick Leave in the U.S. Lack of sick leave in the U.S. can make outbreaks, like the coronavirus, worse. One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness is to encourage employees to stay home when they are sick, says the CDC. However, the United States does […]

Sick Leave in the U.S.

Caring for Aging Parents
Caring for Aging Parents and Dealing with Resistance Your aging parents need help, but they won’t accept it. You’re coming up against resistance and they are not listening to your advice. Dealing with a loved one who doesn’t want help is one of the toughest challenges, but you are not […]

Caring for Aging Parents and Dealing with Resistance

A recent analysis of transplant data suggests a remarkable number of potentially lifesaving organs go missing in transit. Besides needing a surgery date for transplants, doctors really need the organs properly preserved. Often times, when organs are delayed in transit, they’re no longer usable. For this reason, doctors often have […]

Transplant Organs Go Missing in Transit

Introducing your dog to your newborn baby can be a daunting task. Dogs can have a positive impact on children as they grow up, but they may be wary of a new baby at first. While dogs are familiar with humans, a human crawling on all fours is a different […]

Introducing Your Dog to Your Newborn Baby

Visiting a newborn baby in the hospital can be very exciting, but also very daunting. There are unspoken rules for visitors when your sister or friend has just given birth and is allowing visitors. It’s perfectly acceptable to be excited to meet the newest addition, but keep in mind it […]

Visiting a Newborn in the Hospital

When it comes to the coronavirus, how exactly are we defining ‘close contact’? Authorities in the U.S. have taken great measures to ensure anyone flying in from China is quarantined upon arrival. Even so, with such drastic measures, officials advise U.S. residents to go about their regular business. Exception to […]

Coronavirus: Defining ‘Close Contact’

It’s long been know that football players experience traumatic injuries throughout their careers. Harvard has offered to complete a health assessment post-career for many football players. Jackie Slater, formerly of the LA Rams, is speaking out on the injuries and suffering many ex-NFL players have experienced. “A lot of people […]

Football: Health Assessment Post-Career