medical debt

US citizens struggle under the enormous burden of increasing medical debt.  Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.
Capital Capitol  It’s no secret that Americans have long been plagued by medical debt that they cannot afford.  A single trip to the doctor can end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars even with insurance, and patients are frequently left without any form of aid or debt forgiveness.  What […]

Medical Debt Pushes Many Americans to the Brink of Survival

Simply put, insurance covers against the catastrophic – something that would basically devastate you financially. For example, back in 1997, I ended up with pneumonia; it turned into something extremely bad, and I spent ten days in intensive care. I spent about twenty-eight days in the hospital in total. All said and done the bill charged to the insurance company […]

Why Buy an ACA Health Plan Instead of Self-Insuring One’s Own Medical ...