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Texas-based insurance FMO, Empower Brokerage, Inc., encourages its agents to make a difference in their communities. People need information, especially during the current Medicare Annual Election Period, spanning from October 15th through December 7th. Licensed insurance agents Rudy Rosas and Rolando Gonzalez stepped up to the plate in their home city […]

Empower Brokerage Announces New Mall Kiosk to Provide Information and ...

AEP Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Health Plans Stuck with your boring old health plan? Not getting the benefits you want? Looking for something a little cheaper that can fit your budget? Is your plan just not working? With the Annual Election Period (AEP) right around the […]

AEP Tips To Keep In Mind For Changing Your Health ...

Medicare Enrollment: Tips for the Upcoming AEP With Medicare enrollment approaching it’s important that you are prepared for enrollment periods, deadlines, and finding a plan right for you.  Today we will share tips and information you will want to know before the AEP begins. Annual Enrollment Period The AEP begins October 15th […]

Medicare Enrollment: Tips for the Upcoming AEP

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Oscar Health Plans to Expand Despite Changes in Healthcare It looks like nothing is stopping Oscar Health from trying to expand its reach. Mario Schlosser, CEO and Co-Founder of Oscar Health, announced that Oscar will offer consumer-focused, technology-driven health insurance in nine states and 14 markets in 2019. Because this expansion […]

Oscar Health Plans to Expand Despite Changes in Healthcare

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What Will Be the Future of the Affordable Care Act? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was not a subject of the recent budget deal earlier this month. Without receiving new funds to stabilize the floating ship, it will only be a matter of time before it sinks. After a wholehearted […]

What Will Be the Future of the Affordable Care Act?

GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Tax reform’s coming full force as Republicans try again to pass legislation that could possibly end the Affordable Care Act. The first move was made nearly 2 months ago with the Senate Republicans plan for a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut. Republicans believe with their new tax […]

What Is the Tax Cuts and Job Acts?

Every year there are a few changes to the ACA marketplace. It’s important to stay on top of these changes so you know what to expect from the upcoming open enrollment. To help you stay informed, Jeff Hess, the ACA expert, explains some of the changes that consumers should expect this […]

Changes to Expect for the Upcoming ACA Plan Year 2018

It’s important to check your facts when receiving them online. With so many different opinions floating around the internet, you might get an answer to one of your questions that is completely biased. Jeff Hess, an ACA Product Specialist, who’s been in the health insurance industry for over 20 years, addresses […]

ACA Market Facts and Myths

Pros of ACA Plans Guarantee Issue Policy & No Pre-Existing Conditions There are many benefits to having an ACA plan. Take for instance the guarantee issue policy, which can extend to any eligible applicant regardless of health status. This means no matter what disease the patient might have, whether that’s […]

The Pros and Cons of Having an ACA Health Plan

Currently, the Senate works on applying changes to the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The bill has many areas in need of improvement due to contention with former laws passed by the ACA. Among some of the areas causing friction are the gradual elimination of ACA’s Medicaid expansion; the size and […]

The Better Care Reconciliation Act Awaits Further Changes Until the ...