Does Music Have Mental Benefits? 4

Can listening to music help boost your mental state?

In my opinion, these days doctors are prescribing just about every drug under the sun to help with depression, anxiety, and stress. But should they really be prescribing music therapy? Music has an inherent ability to change someone’s mental state. We have all witnessed it. At some point in your life, you have experienced that sudden mood shift. You were having a terrible day, everything that could go wrong went wrong. You get in the car to drive home and just listen to your favorite song, radio station or artists. If music can do that, what else can it really do?

Reduce Stress

Doctors provide medication for things like stress reduction. Studies show that slow tempo, no lyric songs, tend to reduce stress in healthy adults and adolescents. Music has much of the same effects on stress as meditation does on the human brain.

Lessen Anxiety

Studies show that listening to music can help reduce anxiety levels. While this has been reported to work for a lot of people, it is not full proof.

Improve Exercise

Listening to ‘Hype’ tracks can help your endurance. The fast-paced music pushes your brain to want to make your body move as fast as the music. This increases physical performance and can have an overall benefit to your workout.

Improve eating habits

This one is physiological. Playing soft music and dimming the lights during eating can help people eat slower, thus reducing the amount of food they consume in one sitting.


So, does Music help your Mental state?

Yes, absolutely. Music can be an effective form of therapy for individuals with minor cases of anxiety, stress or even depression. While music is found to be helpful, it should not be the only route taken for severe cases. Consult with a Medical Professional to get more information on how music can be beneficial to your mental health.

Music is almost never a bad idea. It is comforting when you are sad, energizing when you’re happy, and motivating you’re exercising. Music means many things to many people, including me. Let’s just not talk about how many hours a day I listen to music. Let’s face it, it’s probably a large number.

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4 thoughts on “Does Music Have Mental Benefits?

  • Derek Swain

    Thank you for mentioning how music can benefit people that experience stress. Ever since my family and I moved into a new home that is close to where I work, I have noticed that my children have become stressed about finding some activities in the remote area we live in. Maybe listening to music together will help everyone better adjust to our new environment.

  • Darrien Hansen

    I think it’s great that you mentioned how music can benefit people mentally since it is capable of decreasing anxiety levels. My brother has been feeling anxious ever since his wife went on a business trip last weekend, and I’d like to find a way to cheer him up since he is taking a few days off of work and doesn’t have anyone at his home to spend time with. I think I’ll take him to a concert in order to brighten his mood.