Considering Hospital Indemnity


Guaranteed Trust for Life (GTL) is a product that fits perfectly with a Medicare Advantage plan. GTL is a company with a large array of products like Medicare supplements, critical illness plans, cancer plans, and much more. GTL’s advantage plus hospital indemnity plan is one of the best advantage plans on the market.

Basic features of hospital indemnity

GTL’s advantage plan synchronizes with a Medicare Advantage plan. Some of the features of this product are the option for it to pay $100-$600 per day in the hospital and the option of choosing a 3,6, 10, or 21-day payback period depending on the state you live in. Once the benefit is used, it restores after 60 consecutive days of no hospital confinement. There are different writers you can add to the plan that includes dental and vision plan, lump sum cancer plan, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient surgical, and lump sum hospital writer.

Guaranteed issue

GTL’s advantage plus hospital indemnity plan is a guaranteed advantage plan. A guaranteed issue plan is also known as Medigap protections. There are specific situations and times where insurance companies have to offer certain guaranteed issue plans. Their obligations are as follows: Must sell you a Medigap policy, cover all your preexisting health conditions, and can not charge you more for a Medigap policy because of past or present health problems. When leaving a Medicare Advantage plan, and planning to return to Original Medicare, you can apply for a Medigap policy before your coverage ends.

Hospital indemnity stability

GTL is known for its rate stability. There has not been a single rate increase in 11 years. It is a major advantage of this product and GTL’s company. GTL’s advantage plan is a guaranteed issue for ages 64.5 up to 65.5. Their plan is guaranteed to be renewable for life.

Ask about guaranteed issue

When you are in the process of shopping for insurance, make sure to let your agent know that you want to talk about GTL’s advantage plus hospital indemnity plan. This product offers many coverage options and fills in some gaps.

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