According to New Survey, Generous People Are Happier Than Selfish People


According to New Survey, Generous People Are Happier Than Selfish People

We all know helping others gives us a weird happy feeling in our stomach because in general most of us like helping others. Have you ever thought about that feeling before and how it actually benefits our mood. According to a new study, generosity has benefits that can improve your health. Today, we will go over the health benefits of generosity and why being a nice person keeps us healthy.

How Generosity Improves Our Health

In the study, it was found that although generosity is not necessarily an intuitive choice. Rather, it comes from selfless acts from the person without expecting anything in return. The act of the choice to help someone selflessly does something to our neural map that is quite odd. The act of helping someone brightens up the part of our neural map that makes us happy and activating our temporoparietal junction. Happiness also helps activate our ventral striatum which releases the feeling of satisfaction when we do things we enjoy. Human beings are social and emotional creatures at the core. What makes us human is the fact we know deep down that helping someone else is always the right thing to do!

How to Be More Generous

Generosity and the ability to care and help others isn’t always easy. Another side of humans is that we are naturally selfish and sometimes we might choose our own well being over others. If you are someone who has trouble being generous, here are a few tips. Embrace your own gratitude by making a list of things you’re grateful for. It doesn’t have to be extensive but the time that you take to write out the list helps you reflect on the blessings you have. Remember being generous doesn’t mean that you have to always give away money or feel bad that your generosity is too small. Understanding that a generous act is selfless. Generous people are altruistic, optimist, and want to help. Lastly, living a more minimalist lifestyle can help you be more generous to others. At the end of the day, material items cannot go with us when we die. By spending money on less worldly things, we will be more willing to share what we do have.

We hope these tips make you want to genuinely help others!

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