The mystery case of Princess Diana’s death

The mystery case of Princess Diana’s death

It has been 22 years since Princess Diana of Wales died in a terrible car crash. The case has many theories of it being a murder and not merely a car crash. Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash in Paris in 1997. Her car entered a road tunnel and lost control crashing into the wall leading to a deadly crash.

Princess Diana was known to have many enemies who would have been responsible for this car crash. This death was not merely accepted as an accident due to several reasons.  Including ex-lovers and international criminals, princess had several enemies.

Princess Diana

Was Princess Diana a threat?

The Royal family

Princess Diana was a foremost threat to the British Royal family itself. She was an open-minded personality who wanted to erase the line between the restrictions put by the royal family. She wanted to have the freedom against acceptable and unacceptable ways of living for a royal family member. Princess Diana wanted to remove the difference between the royals and the local people. She did not believe in the superiority of the royals merely by birth. This was seen as a threat by the royal family to cheapen the monarchy. Furthermore, the royals feared this might make the public question their subsidies and rule. This could have led to everything of what the family had built for all these generations fall apart.


She was also a threat to the country’s political alliances. For example, there is a large contractor for the military defense who makes land mines. The defense contractor makes campaign donations every election cycle to the neighboring enemy country. After getting elected, these countries move billions of dollars within the countries and the enemy country knows this is the money they need to use to survive the next dominating oppression from the money giving country. This trafficking and politics had been smoothly going, but if there was a chance of this falling apart because of Princess Diana, she was clearly in danger.


At the scene, there were also a few paparazzi following the car. It is said that right before the accident there were camera flashes coming out of the tunnel which could have been the reason blinding the driver which caused the accident. However, The Mercedes carrying princess Diana was fast enough to accelerate every vehicle near it. It would have been impossible for the Paparazzi to catch up with them. This means there was no neck-to-neck chase. Paparazzi arrived later at the site to click pictures. The blinding flash could not have been the reason for the crash I think.

Princess Diana

Case results

According to the case, the driver was intoxicated. Witnesses heard loud screeching of tires. This implied the car breaking. There was no possible reason for the car to break in the middle of a tunnel. It is also hard to believe that the driver might not have seen the tunnel even if he was intoxicated. There was also a fragment of fiat’s plastic found on princess Diana’s car, but the car was nowhere to be found.

There were two CCTV cameras near the tunnel which coincidently seemed to be not working at the time of the accident. However, there was a biker who reported to have received the citation for speeding from the same cameras 15 min before the accident.

With all this uncertainty, Princess Diana’s death was declared to be a car accident due to the intoxication of the driver. According to my judgment, I think there was supposed to be more investigation for the murder. Her death seems very likely to be a murder than a mere car crash. She was too dangerous and powerful for a lot of people to be an easy target. Nonetheless, there are a lot of theories and beliefs on this case.



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