Inactivity Affects Your Health in More Than One Way

inactiveInactivity Affects Your Health in More Than One Way

Some days we really don’t feel like doing much of anything, but laziness is not the key. In fact, studies suggest that being a couch potato is more harmful than you probably think. Being unproductive isn’t always bad, but it is important to see the downside of not doing anything. Today, I want to share how inactivity affects your health negatively. I will also cover easy solutions when you don’t feel like getting off that couch.

Dangers of Being Inactive

When you are not being active, your body creates more fat cells with the ones you already have. This actually creates even larger cells to grow and spread throughout your body. From time spent watching television, playing video games, or surfing social media, doing this for too long can cause multiple problems for the future. Limiting distractions to one hour a day or less can help avoid fat cells that we don’t want. It’s important to know that damage done by inactivity cannot be solved by working out that same day; the lasting effects of being inactive does not go away immediately.

Diet, Working out, Brain Teasers

It is also important to watch what you eat if you decide to have a lazy day. In a recent study, junk food was actually proven to not only make you gain a few pounds, but it can actually make you lazier. It’s okay to take it easy every once in a while, but doing it on a continuous basis is dangerous. Instead of going out to eat, have pre-ready meals that you can just throw in the oven. So when you do not feel like cooking, you don’t jump straight to unhealthy fast foods. Including a daily 30 minute workout, brain teasers to get your brain active, or even reading a book can all be of a benefit compared to watching TV, playing video games, etc.

More Activities

Find activities that you enjoy that get you outside. From walking your dog, playing ultimate Frisbee, or even going out with your friends, there is plenty to do! Go out dancing if you don’t like working out! If you are feeling like you lack energy, there are supplements to help get you going. It is important for us to stay active especially if we are working all day. In an effort to avoid the damages of laziness, all we have to do is get off the couch/bed.

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