The Alkaline Diet Balances Your pH Levels

alkaline dietThe Alkaline Diet Balances Your pH Levels

We have all heard about different diet fads that people use to lose weight or avoid health problems in their future. One of the newest diet forms in the US is the alkaline diet, specifically developed to help you lose weight and avoid future problems like arthritis and cancer. Is there any evidence behind the alkaline diet’s success and what type of foods does the diet prohibit? Today, we will be discussing this and more as we look into the alkaline diet’s cookbook and see if there is any truth to its claims.

Alkaline Benefits

First and foremost, to understand the diet we need to know what alkaline is. Alkaline just means having alkali properties (a pH level greater than 7). This diet focuses in on the pH levels in your body and eliminates high acid foods while replacing them with those high in alkaline. An alkaline diet consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables that are good for your health. This diet helps maintain your own bodies alkaline levels, which would normally draw nutrients from the bones to keep this balance. Unbalanced levels leave you at risk of cellular damage and disease. Many foods, such as lemons, melons, green juice, carrots and more, can help restore this balance and keep it maintained.

Alkaline also decreases inflammation and creates a higher hormone production level, which improves heart health. The diet can also help improve your immune system and maintaining a healthy weight due to decreasing leptin and inflammation levels.

Negative Effects of High Acid Levels

In order to know what to avoid with an alkaline diet, you need to know a little bit about lower ph levels. A pH level of 0 indicates high acidity levels. Seven on a pH scale is neutral, and a 14 is what we are referring to as alkaline. There are many foods that are considered high in acid including sugar, fish, grains, sodas, and processed/fresh meat. There is also fruit, such as lemons, peaches, oranges, apples and tomatoes that are all in a high to the average range of acid level. Remember too much acid-producing foods can cause negative health effects, such as kidney stones, liver problems, heart disease, or even cancer.

We hope this guide helps you try out the alkaline diet!

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