The Pros and Cons of Having an ACA Health Plan

Pros of ACA Plans

Guarantee Issue Policy & No Pre-Existing Conditions

There are many benefits to having an ACA plan. Take for instance the guarantee issue policy, which can extend to any eligible applicant regardless of health status. This means no matter what disease the patient might have, whether that’s HIV, aids, cancer, or diabetes, they will still be able to receive coverage. Pre-existing conditions goes hand-in-hand with the guarantee issue. The ACA will cover you no matter what condition you might have as long as you have coverage under an ACA plan.

10 Essential Benefits

Also, we have the 10 essential benefits package, which is a set of 10 categories of services that health insurance plans must cover under the Affordable Care Act. Some of those services include maternity coverage, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, emergency services, prescription drug plans, and more.

Premium Tax Credits & Cost Sharing Reductions

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