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With spring at hand, its time to begin your annual house clean up. Have you noticed those pesky allergies seem to always get worse when you begin your spring cleaning? The fact is you could be harming your health by the way you are cleaning up. So today we will […]

Spring Cleaning: The Do’s & Don’ts

As we grow older brain diseases, tend to become more frequent in the elder population, most notably dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Although most common there are other diseases that can impair your memory, thinking, and judgment. Do you know the most common brain diseases and some of the key symptoms […]

Most Common Brain Diseases/Disorders

Don’t you hate it when your brain goes flat? Those times when you are trying to clear your mind of all the fog, but it seems impossible. This can be hard to overcome and can affect your work ethic, ability to communicate, and even your ability to process information. Today […]

Brain Power: Increasing your Brain Strength

We are back with part two of our Zodiac signs and possible health risk. It’s important to remember that health problems cannot be predictive on the star you were born under, but tendencies can give us a glimpse of potential health problems. If you missed part one of our Zodiac […]

Zodiac Signs & Possible Health Links Part Two

As we move forward into the 21st century we have learned how to modify organisms that we eat in order to resist pathogens, herbicides, and protect land for future generations. GMO’s are becoming more available as we progress, but ar e these foods safe for human consumption? Should we stick […]

GMOs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly