Diseases Inherited from Generation to Generation: Do You Know Your Risk?

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Diseases Inherited from Generation to Generation: Do You Know Your Risk?

Your parents are getting older and over the next few years, their age might begin to show wrinkles and grays. Our parents might develop different health problems that you or another family member can inherit. It is important to know your family’s medical history to be ready for these situations. What are the most common diseases that people inherit from generation to generation? What steps do we take to live with these conditions? Today find out this and more as we look into predicting future health problems.

How Is Your Family History Knowledge?

You don’t get to decide what genes you are born with. This leaves you open to inheriting your parent’s diseases! It’s important to know your parent’s medical history wise in order to be ready for potential risk. The more you know about your family history the better a doctor will be able to help. The Center for Disease Control suggest collecting health information from parents, grandparents, siblings and any 1st aunt’s and uncles blood related to having the most information about your families health history. Once you are able to deliver this information to your doctor, they will be able to assess your risk with certain diseases and recommend changes or treatments to help you stay in the best health possible.

Genetic Disorder Groups

There are many diseases and disorders that can past on through genes. Some of these diseases include down syndrome, hemophilia, high blood pressure, sickle cell, and cystic fibrosis. Most genetic disorders are a combination of mutations in multiple genes, often acting together with environmental factors. There are three groups of genetic disorders each with its own causes: Monogenetic disorders, multifactorial inheritance disorders, and chromosome disorders. Parents, it’s important to know of anything you have inherited from your parents and be mindful that it could get passed down to your own offspring. If you have knowledge of potential diseases that can be inherited get with a specialist and see what you can do to help yourself and avoid serious problems later. By working together with the help of family and your doctor, you can avoid health risk now instead of them taking a toll later. 

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