Trump Administration Plans to Tackle Health Records Access

health recordsTrump Administration Plans to Tackle Health Record’s Access

This week, the Trump administration announced a new effort to overcome problems with electronic medical records. Headed by Jared Kushner, Trump’s Senior Advisor, stated Tuesday, “The president is determined to make interoperability a reality for all Americans.” With companies, such as Apple and Amazon, who are determined to fix issues in health records, how will the Trump Administration’s plan to fix this problem compare to the rest? Today, I plan to cover the Trump Administration’s objective to tackle health records and how they plan to achieve success. Before you do that, check out this previous article about Apple’s health record plans.

The plan for online health records

Seema Verma, a CMS Administrator, stated that with the help of the Trump Administration they hope to improve interoperability when dealing with the huge amounts of information found in health records. They also spoke of expanding the Blue Button, which allows patients to view and download personal health information. Seema also stated they hope to improve the MyHealthEData system to give patients more control of their own electronic health data. Another goal of the plan is to make all data accessible in one particular place. The administration hopes by the implementation of proposed rules throughout the rest of the year, public opinion on the matter will help decide where the plan goes.

Access to records in the past

Originally, to get health records you would visit your doctor needing a form of identification. You also would need to know what records you’d be requesting. From medication list to physical examination history and everything in between, the process could take a few days. The development of a space online to access all records at once would benefit millions. Kushner believes that by empowering patients it would reduce waste and abuse of the system. With many pieces of the puzzle coming together, the time for action is now. Stay tuned for more updates on the plan to expand health record accessibility.

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