What are Funeral Plans and how do they work?

What are Funeral Plans and how do they work?

What are Funeral Plans and why are they important? These plans are important because they provide you with peace of mind and they provide you and your family with the service that you were wanting. Additionally, funeral plans provide you with the knowledge you will need to consult with an insurance agent to find out what the right amount of coverage that you need is. Whether that coverage is a final expense plan, term, or whole life insurance you’ll have the coverage your family needs to cover your costs.


Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are made with funeral directors and are a great way to get an idea of the overall cost of the funeral, it can give your insurance agent an idea of how much coverage you and your family might need. There are a lot of fo things that go into planning a funeral, that’s why it is always a good idea to do it earlier in your life. That way you don’t leave your significant other with the burden of planning your funeral right after you pass.

How much do traditional funerals cost?

Funerals can be quite costly as well. In fact, most of them are. That’s why financial planning and having some type of life insurance product is so important. A traditional funereal can run from $7,000-$12,000. Cremation could cost anywhere from $5,000-$9,000. However, most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and may not be able to afford the funeral their loved one deserves.

Why do funerals cost so much?

Funerals are so expensive because there are a lot of moving parts to a funeral. Here are some of the things to include in a funeral. Here are some examples of funeral costs, please keep in mind that these are just median costs and the actual costs could be much higher.

Funeral home’s basic service fee (nondeclinable) $2,100
Transporting remains to funeral home $325
Embalming $725
Preparing the body in other ways, such as makeup and hairstyling $250
Facilities and staff to manage a viewing $425
Facilities and staff to manage a funeral ceremony $500
Hearse $325
Service Car $150
Basic memorial printed package $160
Metal casket $2,400
The median cost of a funeral with viewing and burial $7,360
Vault $1,395
Cost with Vault $8,755

These expenses are expensive, and because of that, you should plan accordingly. That is why you need a final expense or some other type of life insurance planning. An agent can help you plan accordingly and get the resources you need.

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