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The Craziest Celebrity Insurance Policies Think about a physical feature that you’re most attached to. Whether that’s your eyes, hair, or even fingers, ask yourself this: What would you do or how much would you spend to protect that part of your body? Some of our favorite celebrities have actually insured some of their […]

The Craziest Celebrity Insurance Policies

CHIP Receives New Funding Good news for those with CHIP. On Monday, the Senate passed a bill extending the funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for an additional six years. With having no funding for 114 days, this news will help millions of children from losing their coverage. Since both the […]

The Children’s Health Insurance Program Receives a 6-year Extension on ...

The Aftermath of the Government Shutdown With the government shutdown ending after 3 days, some of you might be wondering about how it affected your healthcare or even what resolution was passed. From a bird’s eye view, it seems that the health industry might not have been affected from the shutdown, […]

The Aftermath of the Government Shutdown

Memory Strengthening Exercises That Give You the Memory of an Elephant As humans, with so many distractions going on in our life, it’s very common to forget things or to misplace a thought. As we grow older, we can see a decrease in the sharpness of our memory if our brains […]

Memory Strengthening Exercises That Give You the Memory of an ...

What to Expect of Healthcare in the Future If you couldn’t tell before now, healthcare has always been on a steady rise, as our population grows larger and begins to age. With medical spending at a high and healthcare jobs taking up a majority of the market, healthcare has just become the U.S.’s […]

Healthcare Careers Are Taking over the Job Market

Your metabolism is a never-stopping force that helps you burn calories and shed fat. How it works may be harder to explain, but in short, your metabolism plays a big role in the gaining and losing of weight. Since your body is always needing energy, your metabolism’s job 24/7 is to convert […]

How to Boost Your Metabolism

The Flu Epidemic in 2018 and How to Stop It Only a few weeks into 2018 and it seems like the U.S. is being hit by a flu outbreak. Since public health authorities began keeping track of widespread outbreaks over 13 years ago, there has never been a flu spread of […]

The Flu Epidemic in 2018 and How to Stop It

CHIP Funding Dilemma With only a few days left, it seems that CHIP will begin to lose funding before Congress resolves the issue. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), originally expected to last through March, may be coming to an abrupt stop. It was just announced today that at least 20 […]

Will Congress Resolve the CHIP Funding Dilemma?

Is the Raw Water Trend Bad for You? With the new year, we undoubtedly will expect new trends that come and go. One of those trends that seem to be picking up fast is the drinking of raw water. Yes, raw water is probably exactly what you think it is. Natural water found […]

The Raw Water Trend Could Be Bad for You