Steps and Tips to Help You Reach Sobriety

sobrietySteps and Tips to Help You Reach Sobriety

Being successful when answering the call of sobriety is definitely a challenge. No matter how far into something you are, being able to pull yourself out is important, especially when that something is deteriorating your health. So why do most people stumble abstaining from drugs or alcohol? Is there a shortcut to take when battling previous addictions? Who can you turn to when your sobriety is on the verge of failing? This isn’t an easy road, but it is doable. You’re not you when you’re under the influence, and its time to reclaim yourself back!

Why Do You Want to Get Sober?

You probably have heard of a lot of reasons why people try to get sober. Your addiction can be the center of your life, creating conflict for those who really care for you. If you seem to not be able to focus on anything besides your “habit,” it might be time to quit. Your addiction can also be damaging your pocket, with you continually needing more and more of it in order to shake off withdrawal. This can lead to you spending all your money on feeding your addiction. Tired of waking up and apologizing for things you cant remember? Your addiction can be making you act a certain way, and often times, it’s not you in control. If you’re tired of not being you, its time to try becoming sober.

12-Step Program for Sobriety

You’ve likely heard of the 12-step program; its one of the most well-known recovery models. The model gives people a framework to surrender their addiction, process the experience, and move forward into new healthier habits. The steps outlined by the model are as follows:

1. Admitting powerlessness over the addiction.

2. Believing that a higher power (in whatever form) can help.

3. Deciding to turn control over to the higher power.

4. Taking a personal inventory.

5. Admitting to the higher power, oneself, and another person the wrongs you’ve done.

6. Being ready to have the higher power correct any shortcomings in one’s character.

7. Asking the higher power to remove those shortcomings.

8. Making a list of wrongs done to others and being willing to make amends for those wrongs.

9. Contacting those who have been hurt, unless doing so would harm the person.

10. Continuing to take personal inventory and admitting when one is wrong.

11. Seeking enlightenment and connection with the higher power via prayer and meditation.

12. And finally carrying the message of the 12 Steps to others in need.

How You Can Help  A Loved One

If you have a loved one who is trying to get sober, you can do your part to help. Accept them without judgment and let them know you are there to help. Help create an environment that is suitable for someone who is trying to recover and make sure it substance free. Be there to listen and to be someone who they can relay their emotions too. Help them find a support group around you that can be suitable for expressing themselves. However you can support your loved one, it’s important that they know you are there for them, and together you can help cross through the storm ahead.

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