Exercising Is Tough

The exercising problem

Everybody knows that spending time exercising is healthy, but does not pursue fitness. I understand the desire to sit on the couch and watch some T.V. when coming home from work. When I used to come home from work, I would feel tired and lack the desire to do anything but eat and veg. I was seeing a major lack of ambition and drive. I just didn’t care that my mind and body was wasting away. Many of you have been here or are currently there. Exercising has changed my life, and maybe it will change yours too.


I would rationalize and make excuses for why I could not exercise that day. My reasonings didn’t even have to make sense. This habit of making excuses was seeping into every area of my life. Excuses were causing me to slack at my job, maintaining relationships with family, and friends. People in my life knew something was off with me. At this time, I didn’t know why I lacked ambition and drive. I eventually met up with a man who invested in me. Over lunch he diagnosed my problematic condition and taught me about the subtle changes that happens over time. He said that if I exercised as consistently as I made excuses, I would not be having many, if any, work ethic issues. Knowing that I needed to stop making excuses about working out, I began to exercise.

Start exercising

My start to exercising was very inconsistent. I would only go on a run once every month or longer. I had no idea that in order for your workout to matter you have to be consistent. Obviously, exercise gives no health advantage when done as little as once a month. In order to truly reap the benefits of exercise, it needs to be done every day very consistently. I started running and exercising a few times a month, then once a week, then three times a week. Now I exercise five days a week and feel healthier and more excited than ever before. I truly wanted a better life and not be in constant pain. 

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