Pfizer vaccine is Effective for Children

Pfizer vaccine is Effective for Children

Recent studies show that the pfizer vaccine is effective for children aged 12-15 in preventing the COVID-19 disease. Pfizer said that the vaccine is 100 percent effective in children of that age group, expanding the overall number of people who are able to receive the vaccine.

According to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, the company plans to apply for emergency use authorization of the vaccine for ages 12-15 by the beginning of the next school year, which in some states begins in the middle of August. Approximately 2,200 teenagers participated in the clinical trial, with about half of those receiving placebo vaccines.

“Will it be 100 percent efficacious in the real world? Who’s to say? But what we know is that when we move this vaccine down into teenagers, it behaves the exact same way that it does in adults, or even better,” Dr. Buddy Creech said, a pediatric infectious disease expert at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The vaccine is expected to work the same way as it does in adults, with three weeks between doses. According to the study, the teenagers experienced the same side effects found in adults.

One of the main worries about how the vaccine would impact everyday life, was that children were not able to receive the vaccine yet due to it only being approved for those 16 and older. With teenagers becoming eligible for the vaccine as soon as it is authorized later in the summer, the CDC will almost certainly revamp their guidelines for families who not only have their adults vaccinated, but their children as well. The more people who receive the vaccine, the more lenient the CDC will be with their guidelines and recommendations on how Americans should conduct themselves during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With Pfizer saying their vaccine is safe for teenagers, it would make sense that Moderna and Johnson & Johnson would shortly follow suit and get their own vaccines authorized for emergency use around the same time. The next step is getting children 12 an under eligible to receive the vaccine, but that will have to go through a similar process of clinical trials and studies before that age group is approved for emergency use.

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