15 Things Your Body Might Be Telling You About Your Health Condition

bodyYour body can tell you a lot about your health. Anything abnormal that usually doesn’t happen to your body or any change in your body parts, such as swelling or change of color can help you identify problems. Today, we will look at the most common things you can notice about your body that might identify something larger going on.

15 Things Your Body Might Be Telling You

  1. Do you constantly feel that your tongue should be pinker? If your tongue is dry and pale, it could mean you have iron deficiency or is a cause of things, such as smoking.
  2. If your eyes seem to be puffy or swollen, it could be due to not sleeping enough or even more stress.
  3. Does your skin stay itchy and dry? It might be due to eczema or even dryness in the air. If this is a constant problem, contact your doctor for expert solutions.
  4. Have you noticed new sun spots, moles, and/or freckles? These blemishes can be a sign of skin cancer and should be shown to a doctor if concern grows.
  5.  Is your hair falling out at a dramatic rate? This can be a sign of some autoimmune diseases or even stress, high fever, infection or a major illness.
  6. Dry lips are common and could just be from weather or frequent licking. If you notice redness, scaling, or fissuring it can be a sign of perleche, which is caused by vitamin deficiency.
  7. Discoloration in nails, dark spots or changes in shape can mean vitamin deficiencies.
  8. Random bruises on frequent levels can mean that you have a bleeding disorder or due to growing older and becoming more easily susceptible to bruising.
  9. We all get acne, but if you’re under a lot of stress, your skin tends to break out more.
  10. Do you find yourself buried under blankets often due to always being cold? Some causes of this can be iron deficiency, an underactive thyroid, or even hormonal imbalances.
  11. We all hate bloating. This can be due to eating certain food to which you might be allergic or your stomach may just not like what you eat.
  12. Do you seem to crash a lot around 3 pm? This may not be because you’re tired, but due to fluctuating blood sugar levels, carbohydrates without any fats or protein, which can run your energy out fast. It might be a good idea to modify what you pack for lunch.
  13. Do you sweat more than normal? Some causes of extreme sweating might be anxiety, as weird as that sounds; it could also be a thyroid problem or even hormonal imbalances.
  14. That constant ringing in your ear might be a warning sign of tinnitus or being in noisy environments too often. Check with your doctor if this is happening to you.
  15. Forehead wrinkles might be an early sign of cardiovascular disease due to wrinkles and atherosclerosis are under the effect of oxidative stress.

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