Why Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer

non-alcoholic beer

Why Drink Non-alcoholic Beer

There has been a sudden rise in the interest in non-alcoholic beer. Some people might ask, what is the point of drinking beer when there is no alcohol in it? Well, there are few good reasons why making the switch might be beneficial.

One of the most obvious reasons for making the switch to non-alcoholic beer is the absence of alcohol. This is especially great for someone looking to slow down on their drinking, or just enjoy a night out without getting intoxicated. An argument could be made that the beer would have to sacrifice the taste if it were to remove the alcohol. However, the opposite is true. Breweries are taking more time in ensuring that the classic beer taste shines through. Heineken, for example, takes an already fully fermented beer and removes the alcohol through distillation and blending. This allows the authentic beer taste to thrive.

If that was not a good enough reason to make the switch, this next one might do the trick. When the alcohol is removed from the beer, so is the bulk of the calories. An average beer has about 150 calories, while a non-alcoholic beer only has about 60-80. This means instead of only having one drink with your meal, you can have about two or three without feeling full.

If you have ever experienced being the odd one out at a party or bar because you chose not to drink, then non-alcoholic beer could be a good idea. It tastes like beer, smells like beer, and looks like beer, who can tell the difference. You do not necessarily have to “fit in” but it is a good way to join the moment out with your friends.

Non-alcoholic beer is slowly but surely getting bigger. And there are plenty of reasons why it could be a good alternative to a classic beer. It provides the experience of having a cold one with some friends and maintaining your health and sobriety.

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