Qualifying Life Events

qualifying life events

Qualifying Life Events

We choose health insurance based on our circumstances at the time, but circumstances can always change. These huge changes in your life would constitute qualifying life events. Qualifying events allow there to be a special enrollment period where you can make all the necessary changes to your health plan.

They typically fall under the loss of health coverage, a change in the household, or a change in residence. However, more specifically, these qualifying events include:

  • Having a child or adopting
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Loss of health coverage due to job loss
  • Ineligible for Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP
  • Relocation to somewhere outside of their health plan area
  • Turning 26 and being removed from parent’s plan
  • Death of insurer of the family

Your health insurance provider should give you about 60 days from the time of the qualifying event to go in and make all the necessary changes to your health plan. To determine if you are eligible, you should make your insurance provider aware immediately if you experience any of these circumstances.

Furthermore, there are some different things and documentation that are required to prove you are eligible. This can include:

  • Any paperwork that shows you have gained family members and need to adjust your health coverage (marriage license, birth certificate, adoption record)
  • Rental agreement or mortgage papers to prove relocation out of health coverage area
  • Something to show that you have lost a family member and need to change your coverage (death certificate, divorce papers)

Those are a few of the ways you can prove eligibility. However, it is always best to call your health insurance provider and ask what all is necessary.

Not every life change will constitute a qualifying event with a special enrollment period. However, there is no need to worry because there are other options. If you qualify and need health insurance, you can apply for Medicaid. They accept applications all year, so it does not require a waiting period. You may also look around for another plan that does not abide by any specific enrollment periods.

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We hope this information on qualifying life events is helpful. 

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