Learn to Stay Home

Learn to Stay Home

If you haven’t yet, it is important that you learn to stay home and follow the government’s precautions, foregoing your regular routine and maintaining your distance from others. Are you looking for ways to make the experience of being cooped up at home a little less stifling? Don’t turn to the TV and social media to pass the time. Experts weighed in on how they would “replicate the pleasures of socializing in the absence of actually meeting up with friends.” Some hacks to enjoying your time in quarantine are listed below.

1. Learn to Stay Home…While “Meeting up” with Friends.

Bars and restaurants may have closed to dine-in guests, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share a bite to eat and some beverages with friends. You will probably find you are more inclined to reach out to friends while you are stuck in quarantine. And all of a sudden everyone so badly wants to meet for coffee or lunch (because we can’t!) but there are ways to do that without breaking protocol. A regular phone call or text message is great, keep in contact with people so they know you are thinking of them and genuinely care. But during quarantine, it will be even more meaningful to set aside a time to chat face-to-face with friends. It may seem odd to schedule a time to video conference your friends, but while maintaining your distance from the public right now you won’t simply run into them. Dining with a companion is a great opportunity to connect with others. Apps like Skype, Zoom, and Google Duo make it possible for you and a friend to make dinner at your respective homes, and then sit down to enjoy a meal while speaking “face-to-face.”

2. Don’t Limit Communication.

Taking time out of your day to communicate with friends and family is meaningful. But make sure you are also reaching out in other ways, on a regular basis as well. Send a funny link or thoughtful message over text, even a card in the mail. Still others are watching a show or movie with a friend or family member over video chat. If you can find a great show you know your far-away friend will enjoy, binge-watch the whole series during periods of time you can both sit down to chat. Providing your own commentary, thoughts, and opinions on with a fellow fan is a great way to pass the time.

3. Don’t Forget About Those Around You.

Learn to stay home and start enjoying your space and the people you surround yourself with. Your schedule isn’t nearly as crazy as it usually is,so take the time to re-connect with the family or friends who live right there in your home. These relationships often don’t get nurtured the way they should because we are constantly in one another’s hair. Use this opportunity to become better acquainted with your housemates. Take turns choosing what the household does for fun one evening, take turns making dinner, and work together on DIY projects. This will help everyone learn more about each others’ interests and actually take the time to make everyone feel included.

4. Don’t Let Monotony Take Over

Now is certainly the time to get into a healthy routine. But be careful about how monotonous this routine becomes. Change up your routine as often as possible, and try your hand at a different project each day. Make sure you are able to get at least one hour of exercise each day, which is a great way to alternate what you do each day. Change your workout daily to target different muscles and give others a rest. When you’re not getting your exercise, read books, educate yourself on different countries and cultures (that will certainly provide a change of scenery!), or work on projects around the house that never seem to get done. If you are able to work from home and need something to change up your workday, get yourself ready in the morning as if you were going into the office. You will feel more alert and productive if you are fully awake and refreshed when you start your day.

5. Spend Time by Yourself.

We can all think of a time when we were in a social situation that we really wanted to find a way out of. Take this time to be grateful that you can have your own space to clear your head for a bit without the hustle and bustle of the office, traffic, and school. You also have far more time to do things you enjoy that you may not be able to do when you have a full work week in front of you or endless errands to run. Try to learn to stay home by truly enjoying it: liven up your space, do something productive, enjoy some peace and quiet, and maybe even pamper yourself.

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