Developments in Healthcare That We Should Look Forward to in the Near Future

futureDevelopments in Healthcare That We Should Look Forward to in the Near Future

Healthcare is evolving at an enormous rate. From the integration of AI technology to personalized medicine, the market will certainly boom over the next few years. As technology grows and becomes cheaper, the accessibility to more consumers is sure to follow. With the exponential growth in technology, what can we look forward to? What cures might we find over the next few years? Today, we will look towards the future and discuss the emerging tech advancements that we can expect to see!

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine has increasingly become more popular because it treats each and every patient based on their specific case. Then, it is customized for that person exclusively. Personal medicine steps away from “one size fits all” treatments that have been popular. Contrarily, personalized medicine looks at each individuals genome. By using predictive tools, doctors can more accurately assess health risks and to design personalized health plans to help patients mitigate those risks. The popularity of this form of medicine has become widespread, due to the cost of sequencing genomes falling rapidly over the last 13 years. In the near future scientist hope to develop nanochips to attach to your cells in order to find the best treatment possible for you individually not what has worked with other people.


Even more exciting, telemedicine provides live medical answering service to well over 45,000 healthcare providers nationwide. Clients are able to stay right where they are and have instant healthcare access 24/7. Telemedicine can be accessed through apps or phones and is also HIPAA compliant. With the ever-growing population, more and more people look to telemedicine for quick access to health help. Doctors visits will be fewer, and if we ever do need help, Telemed would be a phone call away. New apps for diagnostics and screening are empowering the next generation of patient-doctors. In the near future, we can expect telemedicine to replace “in-person” consultations.

Wearable Health Devices

We are also working towards more wearable digital devices to keep track of our health. Wearable devices allow patients to report their own subjective symptoms more accurately. From smart contact lenses to hearing aids we are slowly developing more and more wearable products available in the market. The wide variety of gadgets can allow us to live a healthier life.

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