Can Wearing A Seat Belt Save Your Life?


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Do you ever wonder what would really happen if you got into an accident and didn’t wear your seat belt? Or do you really just hate the feeling of the strap around your chest? Believe it or not, out of all car accidents in America, 91.6% of people said they were using their seat belts. This number keeps growing and growing! The purpose of using a seat belt is to keep you seated in the car where it is most safe. You may have heard horror stories of people in accidents where they or a loved one launched out of the car in a brutal accident. Those people suffered severe injuries or worse. Today, I wanted to answer that age-old question: do we need seat belts?

Seat Belt Requirements

If you were to say that you were always required to wear your seat belt, you’d be wrong. Before 1985, people were not legally required to wear seat belts while driving. Car manufacturers were required to make them, but you weren’t required to wear them. In 1985, legislation passed a law that only required front passengers to wear seat belts. That is kind of strange. Don’t you think? Why wouldn’t the rear passengers be required to wear seat belts if the front passengers do? My best guess is that the seats in the front would keep the rear passengers in place in the event of a crash. In 2009, elected officials changed the law, which required ALL passengers to wear seat belts regardless of seating arrangement. Were you always required to wear your seat belt? No, but you sure are now!

How Effective Are Seat Belts?

The efficiency of seat belts has increased over the last 200-plus years. When seat belts are applied correctly, seat belts are proven to have a high protection rate. Since 2000, unrestrained passengers’ mortality rate has been 50%. Ouch. This statistic is such a high number that we all should open our eyes and see the risk of not using seat belts. The question now becomes: How do you use your seat belt? When you improperly use the seat belt, it is much less effective. If you are one of the few who tucks their belt under their arm because they feel more comfortable, you leave yourself at higher risk of injury.

In closing, the statistics show that wearing your seat belt will reduce the risk of injury. Combine seat belts with the added protection of airbags, and you stand a very good chance of reducing injuries. Don’t take your health for granted, and remember to buckle up. It not only could save your life, but it’s also the law.

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