Musics effects on the brain

Music is more than something we listen to in our free time. It’s more than a side hobby. It’s more than just notes syncing in harmony. Music helps us relay messages through stories, cheer us up when we are down, and much more. Through these melodies, we convey the inner art of people and allows us to create meaning through its expressions. Music also has positive effects on our brains and mood, and these can be very beneficial.

A Musician’s Brain Is Different

One study done on the brain of musicians shows that they have some distinct features about them. There are notable larger areas of the brain responsible for motor control, auditory processing, and spatial coordination. With this enlarged area, it enables the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other at a higher level.

Music-Genres Determine Personality Traits

The genre we listen to can also help determine certain personality traits. In a study by PsyBlog, it seems that different genres were linked to different traits, such as Rap fans having high self-esteem. Likewise, country fans can be seen as hardworking, and classical music fans have high self-esteem and are creative. Speaking of classical tunes, a small study has shown that visual attention is improved by listening to classical songs.

How Music Affects the Brain

Music also triggers our brain’s pleasure centers that contain dopamine, which is a chemical that makes us happy. When a beat drops or when you really vibe with certain aspects of a verse makes your brain feel pleasure. The influence of music on our everyday lives is amazing. There is something for you no matter the mood, time, or day. Music helps us develop into who we are, teaching us through others experiences being laid out over a track. It can be said that songs convey a sense of emotion, expression, and communication all at once – something only a human brain can truly grasp. Music is an extension of the brain, and more importantly the heart, and it will move forward with us as we develop.

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