Where I plan to go after the global pandemic

Where I plan to go after the Global Pandemic

All we see these days are negative stories or articles on the Coronavirus Global Pandemic and the current state of our economy. So I’ve decided to plan my post-pandemic vacation because we all need one of those after all. Especially after one of the most stressful times in modern history, but just because it’s stressful and hard to be without our friends and family, does not mean that we can’t plan a vacation with the people we love the most when this is all over.

Where am I going?

Well, I plan on going to two places. One immediately after the pandemic, a short weekend getaway to visit some family in Ohio. Then sometime in August, I plan on taking a longer, week-long vacation to either the Washington/Seattle/Portland area, or Upstate NewYork so that I can travel that area and run into Canada and see Toronto/Montreal too.

Why am I going to Washington or Upstate NewYork?

Two reasons. One, both of these states were hot spots for the coronavirus, meaning a lot of the businesses in the areas are suffering. While I am only one person, every little bit helps. Two, I’ve never been to either of these places. There is so much nature and beauty in the area. I’m always one for exploration and going to new places. There’s a good chance I’ll be going by myself, which I personally prefer when traveling.

A big part about getting out of the economic hole we find ourselves in is to spend money and support small businesses. This means traveling, spending money like we used to, and not locking our money away in our bank account.

What is the cost of a trip like this?

Due to this current pandemic, many hotels, airlines, and small businesses that are being forced to close are hurting, because of this, many of these companies are running promotions to get people to buy their product or travel with them. So the cost overall is fairly low.. I’m looking at about a target of $1,000 for five days, including airfare, hotel, food, and Ubers. While I know that’s a big number for a lot of people out there, I was fortunate enough to keep my job. Plus I’ve been saving for my next vacation since I got back from visiting family in Hawaii last September.

There are lots of great deals out there for vacations. I use an app called Hopper to find my cheap airfare and hotels.

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