Is Eight Hours of Sleep Enough?

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Sleeping for eight hours a night has been ingrained in our heads since we were young. Your parents would tell you, “Make sure you get eight hours of sleep!” Was this always the case? Have we always been subject to the restraints of our bodies? Were we destined to fall under the Sandman’s spells? With life getting busier and busier, how do we fit eight hours of sleep into our schedule? It’s time to shut off our TVs and get to bed (not without reading this article first, of course!). It’s time to see if eight hours of sleep is truly enough.

Do Children Need Eight Hours of Sleep?

Do you have children at home? Were you perhaps a child at some point yourself (either in spirit or body, it all counts)? Were you always trying to get out of naps? Those naps may have been necessary for proper health. Research shows that children ages 1-5 require as much as thirteen hours of rest to develop their minds and bodies. That is thirteen hours less to play with blocks! Children may not be happy about it, but the rest required for their health is above the average eight hours!

Do Teens Get Eight Hours of  Sleep?

During our teen years, we are known for rebelling against our parents, thinking we know everything, and staying up way past our bedtime. On average, teens sleep about 6-7 hours a night (sometimes less). Some teens need around 8-10 hours of sleep. Good rest helps teens develop and grow properly. 6-7 hours of sleep is very light, and sleeping is not a priority for teens (I would know, I was one of them). This information suggests teens need more than the advised eight hours.

Do Adults/Elders  Need Eight Hours of Sleep?

The amount of rest everyone gets varies. Busy social lives and work all play a role. You find it hard to make time for bed as life goes on. Do you feel as though you are never fully rested? If so, you may be experiencing sleep debt. Sleep debt, referenced from a Sleep Foundation Study, is the steady buildup of sleep deprivation. The longer you put off getting rest, the more your body needs it! Adults need seven hours of sleep or more (depending on the amount of sleep debt incurred)!

In short, everyone’s sleeping needs are different. What works for me may not work for you. The amount of rest everyone needs depends on their bodies. Eight hours is the healthy recommended amount, but I ask you to try to catch up on some of those sleep debt hours. Turn your TVs off and get to bed earlier! Worst case scenario, you wake up feeling more energized and have a better attitude (it’s a win-win)!

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